Monday, December 26, 2011

Tool 3

I have always enjoyed the benefits of You Tube and Teacher Tube.   I frequently use YouTube videos when I need a “how to.”  I have encouraged my own children and students to use You Tube when they do not understand classroom instruction.  Users can choose the delivery that works best for them while having the ability to stop, replay, take notes, etc.  Earlier this year we had a group of students who needed to access Kahn Academy to supplement their online Physics course.  It was disappointing that they were not able to use the site while on the District server.   Recently I had a contractor in my house who somehow cut through my phone lines disconnecting my phone and internet.  He did not speak English, but I was able to access a YouTube video on my Android showing him how to rewire the phone connection, before he sealed up the wall.  We were both so excited when he was able to follow the video and fix the problem. 
I have never heard of the copyright law regarding educators and experimented with the tool, Exceptions for Educators.   This is a simple to use tool and I can see would be very helpful to a classroom teacher.  New learning for me is the information regarding publishing content to a secure location such as an educational website vs. the general public. 
I have created the Dropbox account and placed a document in it.  The process was nice and simple.  A co-worker and I plan to use the Dropbox this week, so I will shortly have some hands on learning.

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