Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tool 5

We have created a blog and in our previous Tools used animoto, word cloud generators such as Wordle and Wordsift, and played with Glogster.   This time I decided to experiment with Prezi and Mixbook.
Prezi is an awesome alternative to PowerPoint.  I created an no frills presentation for the purpose of experimenting with the application and available tools, called This is a Test.  My favorite feature is the option to share the presentation from a remote location.

Mixbook is terrific fun.   Because this project is an experiment, I chose a Christmas Around the World theme and saved some images from the internet.  The process is an uncomplicated drag and drop with options to embellish.   If in my future I decide to use this tool, I need to learn how to remove pages.
Either of these applications can be used by students to create inventive, research intensive projects while merging art and technology.

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