Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tool 6

Wallwisher is an application that is new to me and having played with it, I especially like it as an online tool for communicating. We are all familiar with using bulletin boards (in our classrooms, libraries, kitchens, etc.) and the electronic version allows us to share with a larger community. A teacher can use the electronic bulletin board to keep students notified of last minute changes, updates, etc. Students can easily post questions or thoughts. Teams of students can be assigned the responsibility of creating the bulletin board for the month, week, etc. Although we all have websites, the bulletin board is an easy to read, creative, fun way to keep students, parents, any other stakeholders informed and involved in the process. Of course there is a blog available on suggested ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom:

I also tested Poll Everywhere. I can see this application as useful for the community of individuals who like to Twitter or communicate using Facebook on their cellphones. Creating a poll is very easy and the application offers suggestions that are simple to adapt.

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  1. I also like Wall Wisher, and I am glad you recommended it to me. It was fun to create!