Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tool 10

I completed the i-Learn program that is a part of the iSafe curriculum. The program is very thorough covering the topics of personal safety, cyber community issues, predator identification, intellectual property, effective outreach, and cyber security. I recommend the program to anyone who is looking for a professional development opportunity (it took me about six hours to complete). When complete, the user receives a certificate that documents the hours.

We do need our students to have access to internet technology and have done a terrific job trying to ensure that each of our students and families have access to the needed equipment and internet. Because we do require the topic of internet safety to be covered in the classroom and although I know that maintaining the records or the accountability would be a chore, I think that the idea of having our students participate in a formal, standardized, iSafe type curriculum would be valuable (or maybe we do have such a program in place and I am out of the loop).

There are internet safety laws and websites that talk about cyber-safety; however, we have families who do not regularly use the internet and faculty and staff who have limited experience. As is the case with all our curriculums, formalizing, guaranteeing and monitoring for accountability the same and accepted curriculum, necessitating implementation of District approved/or created cyber-safety instruction will guarantee our students are learning the objectives we want and need them to know in order to be safe while they pursue the online activities we require in our classrooms.

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