Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tool 7

I am a high school registrar, so my perspective/objective is different than a classroom teacher. However, in years past I have used Skype to demonstrate a student learning an art lesson from a remote location and have used an interactive online instructional program where students participated in conversations with students from other states and countries. For example, we used discussion boards for the purpose of student conversation regarding an assigned reading or problem solving. Students also had the opportunity to challenge other students in games and the participation was in real time.

I would create a collaborative project for the purpose of discussion between upper school students enrolled in IB programs from other countries. The collaborative administrators would be registrars and counselors. Points of discussion between the students would focus on how their final years of school prepare them for life after school, if they believe they are graduating with saleable skills that will support them while they continue their education, and academic preparedness for their continued education. Of course I would collaborate with the registrars and counselors from the other participating schools to determine the focus questions and structure of the discussion, time lines, and desired outcomes.
Online and communication tools are limitless. Skype can be used for synchronous discussions, while bulletin boards can be used for asynchronous discussions. Wallwisher , Google docs , Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter can also be used by teams of students for communicating and creating a final product. Depending on the choice of a final product, student can use SlideShare, Prezi, authorStream, Mixbook, digital posterboard applications, or create a podcast.


  1. Glad you were able to think outside the box and come up with a great idea for a collaborative project. Think about how they could also create a website (wiki) that could share their experiences and skills with others. This could be so cool.

  2. Karen--yes, the wiki is a super idea.

    Just today I had conversation with a teacher regarding utilizing the applications we are learning through 11 Tools to help a homebound student to better meet due dates and participate with class assignments.